Master Thesis

  • Biomass-derived nanoporous activated carbons: from synthesis to the study of their adsorptive properties. (2011)

PhD Thesis

  •  Catalytic oxidation of atmospheric pollutants by clay-based monoliths w/o CVD-deposited cobalt oxide. (2016)

Research Area

  • Functional Carbon Allotropes


Dr. Mhamed Assebban has studied Chemical engineering and materials science at the University of Abdelmalek Essaadi in Morocco where he obtained his bachelor in 2009 and his masters degree in 2011. In 2016 he graduted from his PhD program at the same university in a collaborative research project with the University of Bielefeld in Germany where he developed efficient heterogeneous catalysts for the removal of toxic atmospheric gases. He joined the Zentralinstitut für neue Materialien und Prozesstechnik (ZMP) in Germany as a postdoctoral researcher in 2018, and then he moved to the Institut de Ciència Molecular – ICMOL at the University of Valencia in Spain. In 2020 he returned back to occupy the same position at the ZMP in Fürth where he focuses his research work on the study of novel 2D materials of which he tries to tune their physical and chemical properties to make them even more suitable for applications in energy storage, catalysis and optoelectronics.